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Vervain - Verbena officinalis


Keyword - Realistic responsibility | Bach Group - Overcare & Concern

Vervain helps those who need to restore balance to the unconscious belief that it is their responsibility to take care of everything around them. Those in need of Vervain have very high principles and ideals that they seek to convert others to, by the sheer force of their will and enthusiasm. They are perfectionists who tend to overwork, driving themselves way past what is reasonable, often becoming wound up & highly strung as a result. In the acute state they can be fanatical, over zealous and incensed by injustice. Vervain restores balance to these states allowing the personality to take a more realistic perspective in its attitude to responsibility and to recognise the need for others to have the freedom to follow their own path in life.


Dr Bach placed Vervain in the Overcare for Welfare of Others Group


The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies

Dr Bachs description of Vervain:-

"Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are
right, and which they very rarely change. They have a great wish to
convert all around them to their own views of life. They are strong of
will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things
that they wish to teach. In illness they struggle on long after many
would have given up their duties"

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )


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Vervain The Vervain Flower


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