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Crab Apple
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Crab Apple - Malus sylvestris

Crab Apple

Keyword - Purity | Bach Group - Despair & Despondency

Crab Apple aids purification at all levels. Those in need of Crab Apple have temporarily lost sight of their own innate purity and carry underlying feelings of uncleanness, dirtiness or lack of purity, which in extreme states can manifest as obsessions related to housework or bodily cleanliness. They can be fussy, easily upset and have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills when in the negative state. Other indications for this remedy are skin eruptions or compulsive, obsessional behaviour of any sort. Crab Apple can usefully be applied to the skin as a lotion in a little water or added to a bath (10-12 drops), in addition to being ingested.


Dr Bach placed Crab Apple in the Despondency or Despair Group


The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies

Dr Bachs description of Crab Apple:-

"This is the remedy of cleansing. For those who feel as if they had
something not quite clean about themselves. Often it is something of
apparently little importance: in others there may be more serious
disease which is almost disregarded compared to the one thing on
which they concentrate. In both types they are anxious to be free
from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and
which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. They
become despondent if treatment fails. Being a cleanser, this remedy
purifies wounds if the patient has reason to believe that some poison
has entered which must be drawn out."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

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