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Chestnut Bud
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Chestnut Bud - Aesculus Hippocastanum

Chestnut Bud

Keyword - Learning from experience | Bach Group - Lack of Interest

Chestnut Bud helps those who need to focus more fully on their current life experiences in order to move forward. Those in need of Chestnut Bud appear to repeat the same old life situations over & over again, seemingly unable to assimilate the lesson in the experience that would allow them to move on. An example might be someone who finds themselves in a cycle of destructive relationships but cannot seem to make the inner changes that would allow them to disentangle themselves. Chestnut Bud is a generally helpful remedy for anyone who finds it difficult to take in information in any form.


Dr Bach placed Chestnut Bud in the Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Group


The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies

Dr Bachs description of Chestnut Bud:-

"For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience,
and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons
of daily life. Whereas one experience would be enough for some,
such people find it necessary to have more, sometimes several, before
the lesson is learnt. Therefore, to their regret, they find themselves
having to make the same error on different occasions when once
would have been enough, or observation of others could have
spared them even that one fault."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )




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The Chestnut Bud Flower

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