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Willow Bach Flower Remedy

Key Word - Forgiveness | Bach Group - Despondency & Despair

What Does Willow Help With...

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Willow restores the qualities of self-responsibility and forgiveness. Those in need of Willow have a tendency to feel a victim of circumstance and to blame others for their life situation. They may become easily bitter or resentful, bear grudges or feel that ‘life’s not fair’ when things do not go their way. Willow helps to dissolve these difficult personality traits and to promote the recognition of the need for self–responsibility, forgiveness of self and others and to restore optimism in their ability to create the life they want.

Dr Bach’s Description of Willow

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"For those who have suffered adversity or misfortune and find these difficult to accept, without complaint or resentment, as they judge life much by the success which it brings. They feel that they have not deserved so great a trial, that it was unjust, and they become embittered. They often take less interest and less activity in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into Willow

"Willow helps you to take full responsibility for yourself and to embrace life fully from your heart"

"If you’re in need of Willow you might feel that life is unfair, unjust or that you’ve been hard done by in some way. This resentment might feel passing or deeply ingrained, but either way it can make it hard to move forward in a constructive and positive way. Willow helps you to take full responsibility for yourself and to embrace life fully from your heart.” Sam Cremnitz - Crystal Herbs

“I have found Willow to be such a helpful essence over the many years that I have been using the Bach Flower Remedies. It is the essence that I turn to if I find that I have slipped into an old story about life being unfair or when I find I am feeling resentful because I have forgotten that I have the power to make  changes in my life. Take Willow to help snap you out of ‘victim mode’, remind you of how to forgive self and others and to assist you to take full responsibility for yourself.” Catherine Keattch - Crystal Herbs

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"Willow relates to the Soul's potential to take full responsibility for yourself. If you're in the negative Willow state, you'll blame everyone and everything but yourself and have a negative attitude most of the time. On negative Willow days you rail at your fate, resenting the treatment you receive. You are unable to understand how others can be so cheerful and carefree. You begrudge them their good fortune and feel tempted to spoil their good mood. All of us have days like this, when we don't feel at all comfortable with ourselves. These are representative of the temporary negative Willow state." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

"People who get caught up in the Willow state have more than a fair share of difficulties, or so they feel, and complain of injustice. They respond, said Bach, with 'less interest and less activity in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed'. So they punish themselves. Their energy slows down and turns inward, concentrating like gall to a poison which permeates life so that, inevitably, matters get worse. Willow needs to learn to say 'yes' to life and to work with renewed energy to overcome adversity, no matter how difficult the problem." Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"Willow is the Remedy for those people who look upon life with bitterness, for those people who blame everyone but themselves for whatever misfortune or adversity they experience. Typically, the say: "I have not deserved this misfortune. Why should it happen to me while others get off scot-free?" The Willow type feel that they have been singled out by fate either to fail, or to suffer, but never through any fault of their own. They believe that the treatment they received was unjust and they begrudge the good fortune, the good health, the happiness or the success of their fellow men." Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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The Despondency or Despair Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. Willow is in the Despondency or Despair Group which contains the following remedies: Crab Apple - cleansing & purity, Elm - overwhelmed by responsibility, Larch - lack of confidence, Oak - the strengthener, Pine - feelings of guilt, unworthiness, Star of Bethlehem - shock, trauma, accidents, Sweet Chestnut - extreme anguish, despair and Willow - resentment, bitterness.


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