The White Chestnut flower

White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy

Key Word - Tranquillity of Mind | Bach Group - Lack of Interest

What Does White Chestnut Help With...

10ml and 25ml White Chestnut Remedy bottles

White Chestnut brings the gift of a calm, peaceful mind uncluttered by unnecessary thoughts. Those in need of White Chestnut suffer from a constantly busy mind in which there is no reprieve from revolving thoughts that circulate round and round like a hamster on a wheel. They often experience recurring internal mental arguments and conversations, all states that effectively cut them off from the present moment and can sometimes make it difficult to sleep. White Chestnut brings tranquillity and clarity of thought.

Dr Bach’s Description of White Chestnut

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"For those who cannot prevent thoughts, ideas, arguments which they do not desire from entering their minds. Usually at such times when the interest of the moment is not strong enough to keep the mind full. Thoughts which worry and will remain, or if for a time thrown out, will return. They seem to circle round and round and cause mental torture. The presence of such unpleasant thoughts drives out peace and interferes with being able to think only of the work or pleasure of the day."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into White Chestnut

"White Chestnut relates to the Soul qualities of tranquillity and discernment. In the negative White Chestnut state you're the victim of unclear, disorganized thoughts…...... In the negative White Chestnut state people are victim to an overbearing mental process that has gained the upper hand over all other aspects of the personality." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

"Where Star of Bethlehem is needed to reassemble a pattern with clear lines of geometry and structure, White Chestnut dispels a repeating pattern of thoughts. These thoughts, said Bach, 'seem to circle round and round and cause mental torture'. The link to Star of Bethlehem can be seen by imagining an accident and attendant shock. Star would bring comfort and ease the trauma. But suppose the sequence of events is played and replayed in the mind, like a tape recorder on an endless loop. That produces the White Chestnut state: thoughts which worry and will remain, or if for a time thrown out, will return'." Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"Most of us have experienced times when a worry or some distressing occurrence preyed upon our mind, and we were helpless to prevent the thoughts, the arguments, or the words that "we should have said" from going around and around in our mind like a squirrel on a wheel! This type of thinking only results in fatigue and solves nothing. Dr. Bach called this condition "the gramophone record state of mind". Thoughts go round and round like a gramophone record when the needle jumps the groove!" Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

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The Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. White Chestnut is in the Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Group which contains the following remedies: Chestnut Bud - inability to learn ones lessons, Clematis - dreamy, absent minded, Honeysuckle - living in the past, homesickness, Mustard - gloom, despair for no apparent reason, Olive - tiredness, exhaustion, White Chestnut - thoughts buzzing around in head and Wild Rose - apathy, lack of enthusiasm.


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