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Walnut Bach Flower Remedy

Key Word - Adaptability & Protection | Bach Group - Oversensitivity

What Does Walnut Help With...

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Walnut promotes adaptability, emotional flexibility and protection during times of change. We all face the challenge of change many times in our lives and Walnut helps us to be open, flexible and adaptable at such times. This might be changes that occur as we move through the various stages of life, or life style changes such as bereavement, divorce, new house or job. In such situations Walnut acts as a link breaker helping us to release the old and decisively embrace the new. It can also provide a cloak of protection for those over sensitive to their environment or to the influence of others.

Dr Bach’s Description of Walnut

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"For those who have definite ideals and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them, but on rare occasions are tempted to be led away from their own ideas, aims and work by the enthusiasm, convictions or strong opinions of others. The remedy gives constancy and protection from outside influences."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into Walnut

"Walnut is a key remedy for empaths and anybody who feels sensitive to external influences because it helps you to stay centred in your own energy field"

“Walnut is a key remedy for empaths and anybody who feels sensitive to external influences because it helps you to stay centred in your own energy field. Choose Walnut when you feel vulnerable, as though a layer of skin is missing, in need of protection, or uncomfortably open to other people’s energy.  Walnut can help you to adapt to change and transitions of all kinds so it’s great for major life changes like moving home, divorce, starting a new school or job as well as biological changes like puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It’s also excellent for embracing change on an inner level; letting go of who you were so that you can become more of who you are.” Jackie Stewart - Crystal Herbs

Walnut flower

"Walnut is the Remedy of advancing stages, teething, puberty, change of life. For the big decisions made during life, such as change of religion, change of occupation, change of country. The Remedy for those who have decided to take a great step forward in life, to break old conventions, to leave old limits and restrictions and start on a new way. This often brings with it physical suffering because of the slight regrets, heart-breakings, at the severance of old ties, old associations, old thoughts. A great spell-breaker, both of things of the pat commonly called heredity, and circumstances of the present." Dr Edward Bach

"Walnut relates to the Soul's potential for following your inner call to a new beginning. If you're in the negative Walnut state, you hesitate to take the final step before a new beginning because you're constantly being diverted by outside influences. Our ancestors revered the Walnut as a regal tree, the Romans dedicated the tree to their god Jupiter - and the Walnut Flower Remedy also holds an important position among the thirty-eight Bach Flowers. Whenever major changes are about to take place, Walnut is the Flower used to ease the way." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

"Walnut. Like Crab Apple, this contains the idea that something has entered the person which is causing damage and distortion. Having cleared the poison our of the system, Walnut is there to close the door and make sure that it does not return. 'This remedy': he said gives ‘gives constancy and protection from outside influences.’ Outside influences abound - advertising, electro-magnetic signals, peer pressure or psychic attack. The intent here was to protect the person and so maintain control of the soul's purpose." Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"The Walnut type has definite ideals and ambitions in life. Their goals, which they are anxious to obtain, are so important to them that conventions which might impede their fulfilment, are simply ignored. It is only rarely that the Walnut persons are influenced by others, yet they can be swayed by a stronger and more dominating personality, or a forceful circumstance. A link with the past, a family tie, or force of habit, might hinder and frustrate their own plans, and even change the course of their lives. They need to be free from such bonds in order to fulfil their mission. Walnut is the link-breaker; it is the Remedy that will free them from just such trammels, and which will protect them from outside influences." Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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The Oversensitive to Influences and Ideas Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. As mentioned, Holly is in the Oversensitive to Influences and Ideas Group which contains the following remedies: Agrimony - smiles hide inner worry, Centaury - weak willed, subservient, Holly - anger, jealousy, suspicion and Walnut - change, need for adaptability, protection.


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