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Rock Rose Bach Flower Remedy

Key Word - Fearlessness | Bach Group - Fear

What Does Rock Rose Help With...

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Rock Rose is helpful in any situation where there is the need to transmute the vibrations of extreme fear or terror. In an acute state those in need of Rock Rose may become rigid, shaking or petrified by acute fear. They can paralysed by fear or experience the kind of blind fear that creates the urge to run away to anywhere but where they currently are. The tendency to panic in emergencies or to have terrifying nightmares also indicates a need for Rock Rose.

Dr Bach’s Description of Rock Rose

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"The rescue remedy. The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope. In accident or sudden illness, or when the patient is very frightened or terrified, or if the condition is serious enough to cause great fear to those around. If the patient is not conscious the lips may be moistened with the remedy. Other remedies in addition may also be required, as, for example, if there is unconsciousness, which is a deep, sleepy state, Clematis; if there is torture, Agrimony, and so on."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into Rock Rose

"Rock Rose relates to the Soul qualities of courage and steadfastness. Within the negative Rock Rose state, Bach perceived the strongest fear a human can experience….. The Rock Rose state has been aptly described as "a punch to the stomach," for the solar plexus does indeed tense up. Too much is coming in too quickly, and the central nervous system is unable to cope. The solar plexus chakra freezes in a wide-open position. To some people in this situation, the solar plexus resembles a sore hole or a stone in the pit of the stomach. In such a state people feel helpless, exposed, and completely at the mercy of the world around them." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

"Weeks says that Bach was looking for a plant which carried the same instantaneous healing power which he himself could sometimes bring to people, calming them when they were in deep distress. He had wanted to show people they had the same ability, but he did not know how. So he went looking for a plant, 'a material agent, a herbal remedy which would act in the same manner'. This remedy was to be Rock Rose, for 'those in absolute despair, in terror: who feel that you can bear nothing more; terrified...'" Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"Rock Rose is the Remedy to be given whenever terror is experienced, whether the person is in good health or not. People who are suffering from this state of mind are usually in a serious condition; the Remedy is needed on such occasions, or when there has been an accident or near-escape. It is also useful when the situation of the patient is so grave that it affects those around him. In other words, give Rock Rose whenever there is terror in the atmosphere, both to the patient and to those near to him." Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

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The Fear Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. As mentioned, Rock Rose is in the Fear Group which contains the following remedies: Aspen - apprehension, unknown fears, Cherry Plum - fear of losing control, suicidal, Mimulus - known fears, nervousness, Red Chestnut - fear for others and Rock Rose - extreme fear, nightmares.


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