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Key Word - Faith | Bach Group - Uncertainty

What Does Gentian Help With...

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Gentian is the remedy for those who need help to restore the soul qualities of trust and faith at a personality level. Those who need this remedy are uncertain about their relationship with their Creator and find it difficult to see themselves as part of a greater whole in which all is ordered according to a higher plan. They are easily discouraged by even small setbacks in life and can appear pessimistic and cynical because they find it very difficult to see a positive resolution to any problem. The phrase ‘doubting Thomas’ sums up the negative Gentian state very well.

Dr Bach’s Description of Gentian

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"Those who are easily discouraged. They may be progressing well in illness, or in the affairs of their daily life, but any small delay or hindrance to progress causes doubt and soon disheartens them."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into Gentian

"Gentian is an excellent remedy for developing a deep sense of faith that life loves you and is therefore always conspiring in your favour, even when it seems like things are going wrong"

“Gentian helps you to trust the wisdom of your heart instead of seeking logical answers and solutions. It’s an excellent remedy for developing a deep sense of faith that life loves you and is therefore always conspiring in your favour, even when it seems like things are going wrong. It awakens a spirit of optimism that means you feel an inner sense of trust even when things don’t work out as you had planned. Choose Gentian if you get despondent, pessimistic or negative when you face difficulty, or if you don’t believe that your life is being orchestrated perfectly for the evolution of your soul.” Jackie Stewart - Crystal Herbs

"Gentian is the Bach Flower that is connected with the Soul's potential for trust and faith, though the term faith should not be interpreted only in the religious sense. It can also be trust and belief in the positive in life, in the existence of Inner Guidance and a higher order, or in your own inner strength…… If vou're in need of Gentian, you'd very much like to believe in a positive outcome, but you're just not able to do so. You always see a glass that's half empty, not half full. What is the error behind this interpretation? You unconsciously refuse to be guided by your Higher Self and you don't see yourself as part of the greater whole. Your perceptions are restricted by your own limited personality cutting you off from the "inner well" that is the only source of faith. You think you need to grasp everything by intellect alone. You analyze, brood over, and question, and this ceaseless mental activity often leaves you with a depressed view of things." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

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"This new remedy, Gentian, was given the qualities of Doubt and Understanding. These people doubt their abilities, doubt that they will ever succeed and yet come to the understanding that everything in life is gain, even if we cannot always directly perceive the benefits: 'The understanding that there is no failure when you are doing your utmost, whatever the apparent result.' The key phrase might be 'doing your utmost', with the implication that these are souls who know what they are to do in life, who find it easy to apply themselves but subsequently become discouraged." Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"Gentian is the Remedy for those whose outlook is negative and who suffer from deep depressions and dark melancholia. It has been said of the Gentian type that 'He wouldn't be happy if he was happy'. The Gentian folk are easily discouraged when things go wrong or when they are faced with difficulties. They falter and become despondent at setbacks, whether from an illness or from the affairs of daily living. They refuse to believe that it is their own lack of faith and understanding which prevents them from overcoming difficulties they believe to be insurmountable. They fail to understand that their own negative state of mind attracts those very conditions. The depression a Gentian person experiences is always from a known cause. " Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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The Uncertainty Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. As mentioned, Gentian is in the Uncertainty Group contains the following remedies: Cerato - lack of faith in ones own judgment, Gentian - despondency, disappointment, lack of faith, Gorse - hopelessness, despair, Hornbeam - mental tiredness, procrastination, Scleranthus - indecision, inability to choose, balance and Wild Oat - inability to see ones direction.


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