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Chicory Bach Flower Remedy

Key Word - Unattached Love | Bach Group - Overcare & Concern

What Does Chicory Help With...

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Chicory helps to restore the principles of unattached and selfless love. Those in need of Chicory tend to be possessive of those they care about, wanting to keep them nearby to cling onto and to love. They can appear to be emotionally needy, manipulative, excessively interfering or easily fall into self-pity and resentment if their efforts at ‘helping’ others are not appreciated. Behind the negative chicory state lays an inner emptiness and feeling of being unwanted or unloved that unconsciously drives the personality to use these rather selfish and manipulative ways to get its needs met. Chicory helps to dissolve these personality traits and to promote the more balanced energy of the ‘universal mother’ who gives her love unconditionally, knowing that love is everlastingly abundant.

Dr Bach’s Description of Chicory

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"Those are who very mindful of the needs of others; they tend to be over-full of care for children, relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. They desire that those for whom they care should be near them."

From the Twelve Healers & Other Remedies - By Dr Edward Bach ( 1936 edition )

More Insights Into Chicory

"Chicory is the remedy to take if you have ‘strings attached’ in your relationships because of your unmet needs for love from childhood"

"Chicory is the remedy to take if you have ‘strings attached’ in your relationships because of your unmet needs for love from childhood. This might manifest as doing things for people while secretly expecting something in return, getting over-involved in other people’s business and offering unsolicited advice, needing to be needed, or wanting to ‘fix’ people.  This pattern can also show up as compulsive shopping, over-eating, hoarding or accumulating material things to fill what feels like a big hole of lovelessness on an inner level. Chicory restores balance if you’re unconsciously seeking love outside yourself instead of opening your heart to the infinite source of unconditional love within you." Jackie Stewart - Crystal Herbs

"Some describe the negative Chicory state as a black hole or a bottomless pit that constantly has to be filled with affection, recognition, and assurance. You will use the whole of your powerful will and manipulative skill to meet this need. At the same time, because of this inner sense of emptiness you are unable to give or receive love and there is a constant fear of loss. The few emotions and feelings that do emerge are then "invested" carefully; "I love you, on the condition that..." An English Bach practitioner aptly described the negative Chicory state as "the needy mother." The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

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"Chicory was originally named "The Egoist" by Bach, with the soul lesson of becoming selfless through devotion to others. In his sixth published account of the remedy type he described the Chicory person as over-full of care for others, correcting, and needing family and friends close to them. His first account was more outspoken and called Chicory people possessive, self-centred, hard-natured, spiteful, vindictive and cruel. One is tempted to think Bach knew a particular Chicory type whom he was describing; someone he disliked! Chicory is a remedy state which lacks a certain appeal when we look only at the negative aspect. But Chicory people are not unpleasant. We must focus equally on the positive soul lesson and handle the feelings of these people with care: that is what the remedy is about. The remedy, in addition to relieving any symptoms of this class of patient, stimulates sympathy with others, which is their lesson: hence turns their attention more from themselves, and so, out of sympathy for their victims, they cease their aggression: and may become of service to those they previously devitalised." Elsewhere Bach places the emphasis on gaining freedom to serve the world and on another occasion, self pity." Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function by Julian Barnard

"The desire to serve and to permit the free flow of selfless love is usually developed in most persons, but by no means in all. In some people, the love aspect is blocked in its outward flow, and is turned inward, to the self. It is then that such an individual becomes congested, mentally and physically, for outgiving love has turned to grasping possessiveness, to an egoistic concern. Such is the Chicory type person; such an emotional state of mind can be corrected by Chicory. " Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

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The Overcare for Welfare of Others Group

Dr Bach placed his 38 Bach Flower Remedies in seven main groups. Chicory is in the Overcare for Welfare of Others Group which contains the following remedies: Beech - overly critical, intolerant, Chicory - possessive, controlling, Rock Water - self punishment, rigidity, Vervain - over enthusiasm, perfectionism and Vine - dominating, need for control over others.


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