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Cherry Plum - One of My Go To Remedies

Catherine Keattch: Sharing My Personal Experience of the Cherry Plum Bach Remedy

Cherry Plum is a Bach Flower Remedy that I have taken a lot of over the years, and I find it endlessly fascinating to observe its broad spectrum of helpful attributes. In its most acute form, the need for Cherry Plum can take us into some deep and intense emotions that in the moment can be extreme and very uncomfortable. I have had my fair share of these kind of moments and have been so grateful to Cherry Plum for its ability to bring calmness to my irritable irrationality or soothe my desire to scream loudly and run for the hills.

The More Subtle Aspects of Cherry Plum

In its most acute form, the need for Cherry Plum can take us into some deep and intense emotions that in the moment can be extreme and very uncomfortable

However, there is also a much more subtle aspect to Cherry Plum that I have observed and one that is quite easy to overlook, simply because it is subtle and much less obvious than the normal perception of the Cherry Plum ‘state’.

Within myself I notice this state as an elusive sense of discomfort, an inner tension, and a growing disconnection from myself that has no ‘story’ to go with it in my mind. I just feel uncomfortable and if I am not mindful can find myself getting busier and more reactive to things around me without any apparent reason. When I stop and take a moment to breath and ask my heart to show me what is out of balance, very often I will become aware that I am feeling fearful but don’t actually have any words for why. As soon as I see this, I know that the essence I need is Cherry Plum and sure enough after a few doses magic has happened, the fear that was building up has been dissolved and I have been able to find my inner centre again.

Cherry Plum Remedy Bottles

Cherry Plum is one of the essences that I keep on my personal short list of Bach Flower Remedy helpers that I am most likely to need in times of challenge.

More on Cherry Plum

Dr Bach placed Cherry Plum in the Fear Group which contains the following remedies: Aspen - apprehension, unknown fears, Cherry Plum - fear of losing control, Mimulus - known fears, nervousness, Red Chestnut - fear for others and Rock Rose - extreme fear, nightmares.

Catherine Keattch

Catherine Keattch

Catherine is a director at Crystal Herbs and has been with us since the early 1990’s. She is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer, teacher and workshop leader. She loves creating vibrational essences and greatly enjoys making the mother tinctures that allow us to provide our wide range of flower, gem & crystal essences. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will support others to find greater harmony, well-being and spiritual fulfilment in their lives.