Montage of Impatiens flower images and a bottle of Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy

A Journey with Impatiens – It’s NOT just about Impatience!

By Jo Dyer

I took my first flower essences over 30 years ago.  They changed my life forever – but that’s not the story I want to tell you here. This story is about one of the essences contained in the world-famous Rescue Remedy.

I have a beautiful wooden box containing all 38 of the Crystal Herbs Dr Bach’s Flower Essences. I use these essences with my clients and for myself.  I’m a qualified Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner (and poet). 

Set of Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies in a wooden box

My box says that this essence is for being impatient, irritable and quick-tempered.  Yes, this is a story about Impatiens. My recent experience with this essence has shown me that this state of being has so much to teach us and this essence has many gifts.  It has been a surprising and enlightening experience.   I suppose I could sum it up by saying that it’s about so much more than simply ‘impatience and irritability’.

More Than Just Impatience

We perhaps tend to think of impatience as a need to rush things, a desire for things to happen quickly.  We might imagine someone tapping their fingers, waiting with a look of frustration and a frown on their face.  But what is this state really about? 

In March of this year (2024), I was writing in my journal, pondering a pattern of behaviour that I recognised in myself – that of becoming despondent and down-hearted when my efforts didn’t bring me the results I wanted (and expected).  I had a tendency to lose heart quickly and abandon my ideas and offers, thinking they would never be successful.  An awareness crept over me and a question popped up in my mind – what if this attitude was the result of impatience rather than a lack of self-belief as I had always thought.

This was something of a lightbulb moment.  I confess to being an impatient person but thus far I had resisted the idea of using Impatiens; I tended to turn to Larch, Cerato or Gentian.  These are the essences most indicated surely? 

I asked myself – How does impatience feel in my body?  And how would my life be different if I had more patience?  As I pondered these questions I felt a growing sense of the tension I was holding throughout my body.  I was surprised and dismayed at how much tension I found as I tuned in to the energy of impatience - I was like a coiled spring!  What if, I pondered, this tension could melt away; if I could let go of this need for quick results?

A Month of Impatiens

Picture of Impatiens flower

I decided to take Impatiens for one month.  Just a single essence for a whole month. 

I was astonished at what happened. 

After just a few days, I found myself writing something quite lovely in my journal.  I was thinking about my work and the plans I had for new events and courses; the combination of flower essences with poetry and the way I was introducing nature connection into my events.  I found myself writing, “It is beautiful as it is because it’s a reflection of your beautiful Soul”.  I stopped as my heart skipped a beat.  I re-read what I’d written.  Yes, I said out loud, my work is beautiful as it is.  There is nothing wrong, not with my work or with myself.  I just need to give this the time it needs.  Everything just needs the time it needs.  

Isn’t this exactly the lesson of Impatiens?

As this message landed in my consciousness, a deep sense of love and acceptance was flooding my being.  A huge wave of relief washed over me.  I relaxed.

In the next few weeks I noticed how my attitude to virtually everything had changed.  My ‘to do list’ became simply a list instead of a heavy burden pressing on my chest.  It would get done when it got done.  The biggest indicator of change was when I hosted a new event for the first time and only one person came.  Instead of feeling despondent and frustrated, I found myself saying – never mind – it’s early days.  It will improve. Next time there will be more (and there were 4 people at the next meeting and I haven’t abandoned the whole idea). 

I know that my energy has changed.  I am more relaxed, calmer, less overwhelmed.  I am more accepting;  kinder to myself and I am giving other people more time too.  One other beautiful realisation has been the way slowing down and giving things more time leads us to experience things more fully.  We are more present, we notice more, we process more information, our experiences are much richer.

Two bottles of Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy

So, I feel there is so much more to Impatiens than just ‘Impatience’.  The description on the box doesn’t do it justice.  Reflecting on the role it plays in Rescue Remedy hints at these deeper actions.  It’s there to slow us down, to help us to give ourselves TIME to PROCESS the uncomfortable and traumatic feelings we are experiencing.  When we are in shock, experiencing trauma, we want the horrible feelings to go away as quickly as possible – but Impatiens plays a vital role in enabling us to stay with the discomfort so that we can process it fully. 

I’m continuing to use Impatiens and trust that I will gradually find it in my heart to give everything the time it needs and relax into the present moment.  It will happen eventually.

Eventually (the fish will swim by)

I’m trying to be more Kingfisher,
More Heron
Rather than the springer spaniel pulling on the leash
In too much of a hurry to run and chase
In all directions.
More frozen glacier than raging torrent
Racing to the sea; to oblivion.

I’m trying to embody that graceful poise
That comes with acceptance.
With allowing what is and what will be.
I can’t control when the fish will appear.
Just trust that one will swim by eventually.
I simply need to be ready when it does
When the time is right. When the time comes.

And it will come – eventually.
I’m in a kind of slow motion
With time stood still.
I’m holding my breath
In suspended animation.
But still vigilant,

Holding my breath in timeless stillness.
Allowing this moment to be.
Accepting this moment.

Jo Dyer

Jo Dyer

Jo is a BFVEA qualified Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner, poet and published author. She is a Soul Apothecary and helps you to get more life from your life by supporting you to live from a place of strength, courage and self-awareness so you live a fully expressed life aligned to your purpose.