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A Journey Home to the Heart with the Bach Flower Remedies

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Laozi,  from the Dao De Jing

On The Threshold of Something Wonderful

When I was experiencing debilitating migraines and deep despair in my early 20s I didn’t know that I was on the threshold of something wonderful. All I knew was that I wanted to feel better, and I wanted to understand why life felt so painful and difficult. Looking back now, I can see that it was a wake-up call; the beginning of a transformational journey from pain to love. But I didn’t know that then, I just wanted to find the ‘answer’; some magical solution that would make the physical and emotional pain go away and stop it from coming back.

It was the mid-1990s and the mind, body, spirit scene was at its peak in London. I regularly went to festivals, talks and workshops on my quest to heal the chronic migraines and find a sense of hope and meaning. I felt stressed, disconnected, hopeless and unwell so much of the time. Surely, there was more to life than this? I soaked up wisdom from leading healers, personal growth authors and spiritual teachers like a sponge. But the migraines worsened and I sank under the waves of despair more and more frequently.

The Journey Begins

Bach Flower Remedies and Bach Leaflets

Floating around a new age shop one Saturday looking for something, anything, to lift my spirits, I spotted a leaflet about the Bach Flower Remedies. As I read the descriptions of each remedy and what they could help with, the words seemed to sing to my soul. I felt hope expand in my chest as I read about Gorse and Wild Rose. Maybe they could make a difference to how I was feeling. It was worth a try.

I took Gorse and Wild Rose over the next few months and gradually felt an inner sense of hope and meaning that I had never experienced before. I was feeling more alive; more connected to myself. It was as though the Bach Flower Remedies had turned on a light inside me which made me feel lighter in myself, and also illuminated how I was seeing myself, other people and life in general. It was the beginning of the journey back to my heart to bring unconscious patterns, wounds and stories into my conscious awareness and discover just how beautiful, magical and joyful life could be. And most of all it was the beginning of a deep and loving connection with myself and how I was feeling.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, I believe that we are all hungry for a deep and loving connection with ourselves. Like cosmic voyagers, we’re here to get to know our inner worlds better so that we can set ourselves free from unconscious reactions, ingrained patterns and hidden beliefs, and live meaningful, love-filled lives. But we don’t always recognise that this is what we’re here to do because nobody tells us that we’re on an inner journey and nobody hands us a map to help us find our way!

A Map of the Inner Journey

Mimulus flower: close up of the Mimulus flower from the Bach Remedies

When I discovered the Bach Flower Remedies and the work of Dr Bach, it was like being given a map of the inner journey and all the parts of yourself that you meet as you travel home to your heart. In Dr Bach’s writing, I discovered somebody with a deep commitment to easing human suffering who had found 38 flowers and trees with the qualities needed to balance the thoughts and feelings that arise as part of the human experience.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies give you an empowering way to get to know yourself better because they invite you to identify how you’re really feeling and what you’re really thinking. Each time you do this, you are turning towards your heart to feel what you’re feeling instead of turning away, closing down, or avoiding difficult feelings. This is how to be deeply present with yourself and open your heart to all parts of yourself. Truly, this is love in action. It is both incredibly simple and profoundly spiritual at the same time.

The process of choosing Bach Flower Remedies for yourself effectively means you need to be honest about how you’re thinking and feeling so that you can discover what is really going on for you. You might know that you’re feeling fearful, but what kind of fear is it? Is it an apprehensive spooky kind of fear where you’re easily startled? An intense state of alarm or panic as though a car alarm is going off in your energy field? Quiet dread about everyday things like money, health or going to the dentist? Intense on-edge feelings of hysteria and you’re scared of losing control? Persistent worries that something bad will happen to your loved ones?

There are many flavours of fear so when you’re choosing Bach Flower Remedies to transform them, you need to hone in on the particular taste of your fears so that you can choose the appropriate remedies. Dr Bach identified 5 different flower remedies for the 5 different types of fear I’ve described here, so the clearer you are about how fear affects you the easier it is to choose the remedies that will bring you relief.

Your Heart is Where You Truly Belong

Jackie Stewart next to flowers on a tree

I think it’s true that every journey starts with a single step. For you that first step might be acknowledging that you feel stuck or disconnected; maybe you have an inner feeling that there must be more to life than this, or that something needs to change. Maybe you’ve hit a wall at work or in your relationship and you’re starting to question your choices. Perhaps you’re struggling with difficult emotions, physical issues, or recognising that it’s time to heal your past.

No matter where you are, the Bach Flower Remedies are the perfect companions because they will guide you on the journey home to your heart where you truly belong. They help you to feel better in the moment but their real power goes deeper than that. They help you to shed old ideas about yourself, release unconscious emotional patterns, and discover who you truly are as a powerful soul with unique gifts to bring to the collective process of awakening.

I’ve been using Bach Flower Remedies for over half of my life and choosing them for other people for almost as long. They have taught me that every uncomfortable thought or feeling that arises is an invitation to open your heart to yourself and get to know yourself better. They have taught me that there is treasure to be found when we have the courage to meet the parts of ourselves that we might be tempted to judge, ignore or reject. They have taught me that each Bach Flower Remedy contains a spiritual quality that we are here to anchor within our own hearts as we awaken to our true nature. And that’s where the real magic happens. When you invite the Bach Flower Remedies into your heart they gently help you to meet all that you find with love and compassion. And that, my friend, is when we step over the threshold into something wonderful.

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart

Jackie is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer and workshop facilitator who loves holding space for people connect to their hearts, bodies, and souls. Jackie is passionate about Bach Flower Remedies and how flower, gem and crystal essences help us to open our hearts so that we can live more consciously and lovingly, in sacred relationship with all of Life.