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Dr Edward Bach

Dr Bach

The man behind the Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach is often known as the father of modern flower remedies. With a vision way-ahead of most of his contemporaries, he understood that the true cause of illness and disease in human beings lies in the personality - in the mental and emotional patterns through which we view ourselves and the world around us. His beautiful set of 38 Bach Flower Remedies was created out of a true desire to help humanity to understand and heal these patterns.

Dr Bach's Life...


Edward Bach is born on the 24th September in Moseley, Manchester.


His great calling to help people led him to enter Birmingham University to study Medicine


Qualifies as a medical doctor from University College Hospital, London


Takes up the position of Casualty Medical Officer at U.C.H.

1913 - 1918

Becomes interested in Bacteriology, and his work with Intestinal Toxemia gains recognition in the medical profession.


Dr Bach is appointed Pathologist & Bacteriologist at the London Homoeopathic Hospital, and first comes into contact with Homoeopathy and the work of Samuel Hahnemann

Develops the 7 Bach nosodes


Gives up his post at the LHH to concentrate on his work with the Bach nosodes, which prove to be very successful.

Gains reputation as the "second Hahnemann"

Dr Bach's very successful Harley Street practice expands ever more along with his reputation


Start of Dr Bach's 'new work'. His wish to replace the 7 nosodes with natural herbs lead him to discover the first of his 3 remedies; Clematis, Impatiens & Mimulus(*1)


Towards the end of the year he gives up using the very successful Bach nosodes and concentrates solely on the use of his 3 new remedies.


Edward Bach leaves London, his tremendous reputation and work with the nosodes, and his highly successful Harley Street practice, to focus entirely on his new work with the remedies. He moves to Wales ( May - July) to devote his time to finding more remedies.

While in Wales he perfects the Sun Method of potentisation.(*2)

Moves to Cromer in Norfolk and discovers 6 more remedies.


Publishes 'Heal Thyself', which explains his new understanding of illness and disease and its causes.

Discovers 2 more remedies


Writes Free Thyself

Discovers the rest of the 12 Healers.


Moves to the village of Sotwell in Berkshire


Discovers another 19 remedies, most of which are boiling method remedies (*3)


Published the 'Twelve Healers & Other Remedies', his completed understandings about his remedies and their uses.

Dr Edward Bach dies in his sleep on the 27th November


"Life, to him, was continuous: an unbroken stream, uninterrupted by what we call death, which merely heralded a change of conditions; and he was convinced that some work could only be done under earthly conditions, whilst spiritual conditions were necessary for certain other work."

Nora Weeks from the 'Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician'


Dr Bach Quotes

"They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings"

Dr Edward Bach

"Treat the patients personality not his disease"

Dr Edward Bach

"As far as his researches had progressed he had reached the conclusion that the health of the body was controlled by the state of the mind, and that the varying moods and feelings were the indications for the remedies required, irrespective of the bodily complaint."

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician' by Nora Weeks



(*1) These first three remedies were initially prepared homoeopathically, but the preparations were abandoned completely when Dr Bach discovered the Sun Method of Potentisation.

(*2) When Dr Bach discovered the Sun Method of Potentisation, he abandoned his previous methods of preparation and focused solely on using this new method and started to make what we would now term a Flower Remedy.

(*3) There are 18 remedies made by the Boiling Method and 20 made by the Sun Method


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