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Bach Flower Remedies for yourself.

Bach Remedies are gentle acting remedies that work best on the issues at a surface level of awareness, and are particularly effective when mixed into combinations.

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Choosing Your Bach Flower Remedies

Identifying the Bach Flower Remedies that will be the most beneficial, either for yourself or someone else, is a simple process of self-reflection and observation. Remember that no matter what the issue, you are simply looking for the remedies that will help you bring greater balance to how you think and feel.

Start by looking at how you are reacting to the issue or situation that you would like support with, then review your general reaction to the events and situations of your life, to identify any general trends or patterns in the way that you think and feel. For example, perhaps certain people, situations or events trigger a fearful reaction, or possibly anger, guilt, or a lack of confidence. Some people face the world with feelings of hopelessness, doubt or judgement, while others struggle to find balance in their relationships with those around them.

Using Bach Remedies singly or in combinations

While it is perfectly possible to gain benefit from a single Bach Flower Remedy most adults will find that a combination of 7 or 8 remedies will be the most effective way to use these remedies.

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Choosing Bach Remedies for Children

0 – 7 years:-

A well-chosen combination of not more than 4 or 5 remedies will very quickly help to bring children back into balance. Most children enjoy taking their drops directly onto their tongues, however you could also add them to their drinks. 4 drops 4 x a day is normally enough at this age. For babies the remedies can be added to the bath water or dabbed on the pulse points on the body.

A few suggestions to help you get started:-

Bach Flower Remedies
  • Revival Remedy - always handy to soothe the emotions in the event of bumps, bruises, accidents or shocks. Also helpful for night terrors along with Aspen and Mimulus.
  • Agrimony, Larch & Mimulus – for the generally fearful & timid child.
  • Vervain - helpful for the hyperactive state.
  • Holly, Walnut and Vine – for temper tantrums.
  • Chicory, Willow & Holly – For sibling rivalry.
  • Clematis – helpful for the dreamy inattentive child.
  • Revival Remedy Cream – always useful for children & adults alike.

8 – 12 years:-

Bach Flower Remedies are also very effective with this age group, however we suggest that you increase the frequency of the dosage to 4 drops 6 x a day.


Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies
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Revival Remedy

Revival Remedy

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