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Here you can find a wonderful range of Bach Flower Remedies handmade with love & care to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach.

In our shop you can find all 38 individual remedies - from Agrimony to Willow - plus our Revival Remedy combination, cream & spray. You can also find our Bach Flower Remedy Sets - complete sets and self select sets - and blend your own customised Bach Flower combination.

Visit our Shop which is hosted on the main Crystal Herbs site - you can browse through the links below which will take you to the Flower Essence Shop on the Crystal Herbs site where you will be able to make your purchase.

Buying Our Bach Flower Remedies

Individual Bach Remedies

10ml Bach Flower Remedies

You can buy any of our handmade 38 Bach Flower Remedies individually in a choice of 10ml or 25ml size.

Individual Bach Remedies

Bach Flower Remedy Sets

10ml Bach Flower Remedy Sets

We offer complete sets of all 38 Bach Flower Remedies, our Bach Collection Sets and self select Sets.

Sets of Bach Flower Remedies

Revival Remedy Combinations

Revival Remedy Combinations

Bach Combination for emergency situations - available in 10ml and 25ml sizes, as a spray and a cream.

Revival Remedy & Cream

Bach Remedies in an Alcohol Free Base

Bach Flower Remedies in Apple Cider Vinegar

Our organic apple cider vinegar Bach Flower Remedies offer an alternative to the traditional brandy as a preservative base.

Bach Remedies in an Alcohol Free Base

Mix Your Own Combination

Bach Flower Custom Combinations

Select your own 'treatment level' combination to work with the issues that you most need help with.

Bach Self select Combinations

Empty Mixer Bottles

Empty Mixer Bottles

10ml, 25ml & 30ml Empty mixer bottles for creating your own personal and unique combinations.

Empty Mixer Bottles


About Our Bach Flower Remedies

About our Bach Flower Remedies

  • Handmade with Love & Care
  • Made according to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach
  • Stock Level Remedies
  • Preserved in Organic Brandy
  • 10ml & 25ml Sizes
  • Complete Sets of Remedies
  • Revival Remedy Combination
  • Personal Combinations
Cerato Bach Flower


Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies are handmade with Love & Care according to the original instructions of Dr. Edward Bach.

From making the Mother Tincture to bottling and labelling the stock bottles that we send you, each remedy is handmade with love and care helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of remedy.

Our Bach Flower Remedies are handmade according to the original instructions of Dr. Edward Bach, using his original methods and adhering exactly to the plant types that he identified. They are stock level remedies and we have been making them and offering them to customers round the world for over 30 years.

Practitioner & Wholesale

As well as retail, we also offer practitioner and wholesale accounts. So if you are a practitioner or therapist or you run a shop or retail business, you can find out more about our practitioner and wholesale accounts here:

Practitioner Accounts Wholesale Accounts


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